Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mortal meets immortal

Mortal met mortal
Then dawned a joy immortal
Two hearts singing a sweeter song
As nightingales told a happy story
and mortal sought immortal

Mortal discovered immortal
Twas not a bed of roses immortal
Two pairs of eyes glowing in a brighter sun
As the world did a faster spin
and mortal natured immortal

Mortal aboded in immortal
a breeze of freedom immortal
Two sets of feet walking on greener grass
As the heavens grew to ten
and Mortal Grew Immortal

Until the last star falls from the sky
and the sun ravishes the last drop of the sea
What I feel is forever

Becoming man

Every tear was the last
Every lone walk in the dark
Every stray dog bark
Every beautiful soul
Then you fell again
And the cows came home to calve

Every betrayal was the last
Every heart break
Every sleepless night
Every enchanted word
So you went back again
And the cocks came home to roost

Every lie was the last
Every goodbye
Every bad dream
Every seductive smile
Till you forgave again
And the roof came tumbling down

With every patch the heart grew stronger
With every lie the naive grew wiser
With every hour the boy became man

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three Tombstones

As I don’t squeeze out my hearts puss to humor all and sundry
I’ll not open it up for the world to smell its scent of roses
I’ll not sing my heart’s song either for at times it turns a dirge
or burst my hearts capsule of emotions lest all know I was all human
And the world will see me now, as it’s always seen me before

As I don’t open my eyes so their flood gates drown the oceans
I’ll keep them wide shut lest their sparkle blind the earth
I’ll not show the pictures my eyes took and risk to scare the timid
or the reel of my eyes record so we all know the world is mean
And the world will see me strong as it’s always seen me before

As I don’t open pages of my life so my foul deeds soil the innocent
I’ll not open them so their wisdom turns the world upside-down
I’ll will not tell my story for sometimes it ends a tragedy
or open the library of my life so the world learns through my lessons of pain
And the world will love me now, as it always done before

And that hour will come to pass
as we gather to lay three white lily wreaths on the three tombstones
Here lies the heart that never learnt to love, the first will read
The eye that saw no evil on the second tombstone it will be written
Here rests a life adored by all and loved by no one, the third tomb will read

Friday, October 9, 2009

My heart dying

I’m waiting, my heart dying
It’s drizzling, the sun fading
Am calling, and calling, and calling
My heart dying

I’m drinking, my head spinning
It’s raining, the night falling
And am thinking, and thinking, and thinking
My heart dying

I’m drowning, my soul begging
A storm is raging, new dawn breaking
And am crying, and crying, and crying
My heart dying

Am praying, my eyes opening
The sun is rising, a day blossoming
And am walking away, and walking
My heart buried.

The vain and the naive

The wind is blowing
the sail is tearing
Your boat is rocking
in the sixth sea a storm is raging
but your captain is young
soon you'll be home and dry

The sky is cloudless
a vulture is scanning
a future scorched
in the third season your crop is wilting
but your rainmaker is young
soon you'll be home with grain

The isle is lone, the bell tolls
the choir is still
in the eleventh hour your hope is dying
but your bride is young
soon you'll be home wed

so the world again cries for the vain and the naive
for no angel in heaven, falling or fallen
can save a heart in a child's arms

Who will love you when am gone?

I could rise up as the sun goes down
All sorrow safe in a backpack I’d go with the sunset
A lonely man without a past
But I’d worry
Who will catch you when you fall?

I could fly like a kite high and free
A departed soul find my place with the stars
A dream gone with the wind
But I’d worry
Who will hold you when you’re down?

I could take root, sink deep and spread wide in new earths
Like a babe I’d talk to strangers
Wild oats in sea of wheat
But I would worry
Who will love you when am gone?

Razed Castles

So much changes,
all remains the same.
Its been said before,
by men of days gone.
What we cant have,
is all we die to have.
So we cry in the dark,
over razed castles we never owned.
Spilt milk we'd never drink,
sour grapes.
And the world turns,
and turns again.
A lot more changes,
a lot remain the same.